November 2013

hello november

“November, November…”

November is an autumn month on the edge of the silvery, snowy winter. So that’s why November’s temperatures are always a bit up and down. Rain. Sun. Cold. Rain.

Essential Clothes:

  • Warm jacket
  • Rainproof jacket
  • Rainproof boots –> Combat boots are perfect
  • Comfy trainers –> Check out ‘British Knights’ trainers
  • Umbrella
  • Beanie, hat
  • Big warm knitted sweater
  • Warm knitted mittens
  • Warm knitted scarf
  • Jeans –> Blue or black

For me November is a month of ‘comfort’; I mostly wear big baggy knitted sweaters together with elastic jeans, beanies and trainers or combat boots (according to the weather). I also absolutely love to go for a starbucks in the morning.

Essential Make-up:

Remember, November is very up and down so your skin isn’t used to the sudden coldness and tends to get very dry, and so do your lips.

  • Handcream –> Critical, use on a daily basis
  • Babylips from maybelline, or hygienic lip-balm –> Critical, use on a daily basis
  • Concealer –> To cover up occasional redness appearing from the cold
  • Mascara, eye-pencil etc… Basically all your daily make-up

Foods to eat/drink:

My tip number 1 is to drink lots of water. It keeps you hydrated and beautiful. Take one glass of water after you wake-up every morning, because your water has lost over 1 liter of water during the night, and by having one glass of water in the morning will help not only to reboot your system, hydrate your body and have a less risk of getting redness on your face.

  • Water!
  • Salads –> Gives you lots of vitamines and helps you stay healthy
  • Fruits –> Vitamines + Health
  • Mugs of hot tea, raspberry, blueberry, black tea, red fruit — > Keeps you warm
  • Sushi –> I developed this craze for sushi somehow

Music to listen to:

I find the best music to listen to this month is sort of pumpy-club music.

  • Animals – Martin Garrix
  • Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo
  • You make me – Avicii
  • Royals – Lorde
  • Burn – Ellie Golding
  • Pour it up – Rihanna
  • Bezerek – Eminem
  • Tous les memes – Stromae
  • Hold on we’re going home – Drake

To read:

  • Sterkarm handshake (book)–> reading it at the moment
  • Elle Magazines
  • Vogue Magazines
  • Tatler Magazines
  • Gossip Girl Magazines

Fun things to do:

  • Photoshoot in the autumn leaves
  • Outings with all of your best friends –> We went to starbucks all together, it was fun!
  • Love life and SMILE!

Enjoy your November tips, don’t forget to read the one next month! 🙂



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