Happiness and colors



Colors can be manipulative, in fact they are. For example take yellow: it makes you think of joy, happiness, the sun shining, everything positive. Then take black: it makes you think of sadness, emptiness, rainy days, everything bad. Now let me explain to you how colors can make you happier. Imagine yourself that you got a completely new room (where you would be sleeping in) and you had to choose a color for the walls; now if you choose a green you would be more at ease and happy then if you chose black. Its the same for everything. For example take your desk/office or place where you spend your whole day, is it a boring grayish-black color? If it is it’s probably making your day a little less happier than  it would be if it was completely multicolor, right? So get to work and give away all your boring black pens and buy new flashy, rainbow pens! Add colorful post-its  all over your desk to remind you if there’s something important you need to attend to. If you are not allowed to wear rainbow clothes to work, wear what you would normally wear but put on a neon necklace, or paint your nails a nice warm color (like yellow or red) or mess around with your make-up and swap your black eyeliner with a purple one! (my mom did that and it looks fantastic!) So you can do tiny little things to make your day happier by adding a splash of color here and there!




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