You are perfect


Everyday we are influenced by amazingly perfect and gorgeous faces on images on the web, ads, magazines… They are all screaming out to us ‘BE PERFECT! BE PRETTY! BE FLAWLESS!’.  And so we compare ourselves to the people on them and think that we’re not perfect like them. We go buy a ton of make-up and apply it on our face to look like that girl on the picture we saw yesterday. Then we come along another girl in a magazine with a beautiful, slim body. We immediately think that we’re fat and we go on a ridiculous diet of consuming only 100 kcal a day… Pathetic. The worst part is that we underestimate ourselves. We are being manipulated to think that we’re worthless and ugly. Just sit and think for a while about all your qualities, all the parts of your body that you admire (like your dimples if you have any), all the personality traits that you are proud of. It adds up to quite a lot doesn’t it? Because you are who you are and you are perfect. No one is allowed to manipulate you with photoshopped pictures yelling to you that you aren’t perfect, because you are. Start to think of yourself in a positive light, start to think that you are gorgeous and perfect because if you think this way about yourself thats how others will think of you. Be confident. You are perfect. There’s nothing to loose.


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