What to wear?


Do you ever have those days where you just don’t know what to put on and moan “I don’t have any cloooothees!“?

Well, now think about it, you DO have some clothes but you just don’t have the ones to please your eyes or you just haven’t noticed them yet?

Here are some few tips to always have something to wear in the mornings to work/school:

1. If you have to get up early (like me) prepare your outfit the night before so that you can just slip it on, lose no time and get on with the day.

2. Have an organized wardrobe. For example, mine has shelves and on one shelf I have all my trousers/leggings, another shelf my sweaters, another one my shirts divided into light and dark and the last one for my socks underwear and pajamas.

3. Have a clothes rack (like in the studios) so you can pick out your favorite items/outfits and hang them up so that they are always ready to wear!

4. Give yourself a theme for the week/day and try to find clothes to match you theme! For example you chose the theme chic  look for more beige, black, classy tones of clothes.

Personally I put my outfit out the night before so that I can go and get ready for the day quicker and catch the bus. But maybe you guys have some other preferences or ideas? Any would be welcome!

Have a good day or evening! 🙂


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