I recently had quite a lot of dreams that I remembered… Most of them sort of love stories, but one was scary…

I’ll talk about the scary one because it was pondering on my mind quite a bit already.

I was in a sort of small glum town, a bit like a middle age town with markets, ladies wearing pretty dresses, beggars etc… The town was situated at a bottom of a small mountain and half way up the  mountain were huge grayish-black stone walls. Each pierced by a very dark black tunnel which no one dared to go through because on the other side lives the witch. Me, obviously the hero of the story, decided to go and see the witch. When I arrived at her mansion behind the walls, a ear-piercing shriek came from some where and another. When the witch finally appeared I understood why no one wanted to go and see her. A white pale, old lady with white eyes and red bloody lips stood in front of me. She looked at me and shrieked. I started to run towards the black tunnels and hearing the shrieking behind me, I shrieked myself in horror. I gained the tunnels and ran into them, it was getting darker and darker and the floor wetter and wetter. I got to a point where I couldn’t see anything, but I continued running. Suddenly the shrieking stopped and I stepped into daylight. The town was in front of me, so I ran towards it to get as far away as I could from the witches mansion.

… And i woke up…

Yes it was a very terrifying dream haha.


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