Well Merry Christmas to you all for starters! For me today has been a wonderful day, it will always be probably. Waking up early because of my little brother, lighting a fire and opening the presents one by one with a mug of hot tea. It’s a proven fact that when you give presents you are as happy as when you receive one. But there’s one little detail I noticed today… When I was small and I believed in Santa, I somehow was more excited and eager to open the presents, but now… Now I noticed that all that magical excitement is gone, for example when I was small; the night before opening the presents I would be so anxious and excited that I wouldn’t sleep and in the morning I would wake up really early to see if the “man in the red suit” had come and delivered presents. Now I know that there’s going to be presents, and not from a magical man with flying reindeer but my parents. Don’t get me wrong here, I love my parents dearly. And now I’m still thinking about this, even if I got all the presents I kindly asked for. Anyways I didn’t want to put any depressing thoughts in your head. 😉

Merry Christmas! xxx


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