Christmas list


I feel really excited about Christmas right now! It’s only 3 weeks away!!! I’m burning up with excitement… I have to think about what to give to my friends and family, what I would like myself… And the best thing is the Christmas market. So many colors, flavors, smells, textures… It’s all so ‘christmassy’… Oh, and how I love decorating Christmas trees! All the pretty figures, colorful Christmas balls, tiny shining lights! I really am in a very ‘christmassy’ mood right now.

Anyways, I thought about creating a Christmas list of the things that I would like, and for the people who are not sure of what to get them selves could steal some of my ideas! 🙂

My Christmas list:

  1. An Iphone 5 S in the colour Gold.
  2. Perfume Lady Million or La Vie Est Belle
  3. Amazon or gift card
  4. Subscription to the magazine Cosmopolitan
  5. Real Technique brushes
  6. EOS lip-balms
  7. Starbucks Tumbler



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