Anti-Stress Tactics


Stress photoI’ve been pretty stressed at the moment and these little tactics have helped me a lot!

When you have been dumped by your boyfriend and you terribly want him back. When yo feel like you want to send him a message to ask him to come back to you, do it! But don’t send it… Write him your iloveyousomuchhoneycomeback message but don’t press the button “send”, just save it in your drafts. It helps! 🙂

This is a funny one. When you feel intimidated by someone, imagine them without eye-brows. It makes a funny result and I guarantee you it works!

When you feel bad, depressed, uneasy, take five minutes and ask yourself ‘what’s wrong? why am I sad? what’s going on?’. If you figure out your problem, you’ll find a solution!

When you can’t go to sleep, lie on your back and visualize a laser going through your body, relaxing every muscle, immediately you will feel more relaxed and sleepy.

When you met a boy and you think to be interested in him… And you start a late night conversation by text with him, but then he suddenly disappears and you’re stuck there, stressed, waiting for his reply which doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon, just switch of your phone, take your mind off to something else and go to sleep.

The best comes last. This is my favourite one! When you are really stressed, rub in circular movements the skin between your thumb and your index, it releaves the stress pretty well.



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