My best friend


This is for a very special person, which you will meet by reading my post.

“I will never forget you”

This is Gaelle. She is 12 at the moment. Her birthday is on the 10th of November. She’s Belgian, Spanish and Mexican.  We met at school.

It’s been a while since we’ve been friends, best friends in fact. I don’t bother counting the years, for me it’s eternity.

You’ve been there for me in all my hard moments, I’ve shared every single secret I have with you, in some ways, you are my secret diary, in which I can grave in everything and know that it will never be revealed…

It feels like our friendship is magical. It feels like we can practice telepathy. It feels like we can read in each-other’s eyes.

All our moments passed together, good or bad, are all special, especially the good ones. Of course we fight sometimes, but a friendship without fights wouldn’t be as magical. Think of fighting with your best friend, but then reconciling with her,  think of how happy you are to have your best friend again.

Whenever I’m with you, I feel stronger, I feel like we own the world. You can put a smile back on my face whenever I’m feeling down. Sometimes we go crazy and do really weird stuff, and when we remember those moments, we just burst out laughing.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you how special you are to me. 🙂


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